Cake Reuters

A 1941 fruit-cake was sold to a lucky online bidder in Arizona for $525 on Thursday. The money will be sent to the homeless in the region.

The Kroger Co, which made the cake 70 years ago, found that the cake was returned unopened back to the company store in the year 1971.

The cake was initially purchased by E.F. Helbing but later was returned to the company along with a note which read, This fruitcake was one of six purchased by the undersigned during Christmas Week of 1941. During its 30 years of life the cake has travelled thousands of miles and has been subjected to all types of climatic conditions and shocks. We are moving again and wish to return the cake back to its makers - THE KROGER COMPANY.

The manager of the store then took the cake to his own house and kept it. It was only recently when his son assisted him in getting rid of certain things in their house that they came aross the cake and gave it to the owner of the Elite Estate Group, Larry Chaney.

The company then decided to auction the cake on their Web site. Initially, the plan was to hold a local auction but the company mentioned that publicity about the cake led to calls from different parts of the globe including Britain, Australia and Japan.

According to Associated Press, bidders were making offers even after a day after the auction ended, with bids going as high as $1000 or more.

A total of 32 bids were made for the cake that had rum in it and was vacuum packed, which reportedly helped preserve it through the years.