8Bitdo, a company known for making wireless controller adapters for classic NES and Super Nintendo consoles, is now working on a Bluetooth controller inspired by the Apple II and Apple IIc computers. The controller is called AP40 and it can be used on most gaming devices that have Bluetooth connectivity.

AP40 The AP40's look was inspired by Apple's original rainbow logo during the 70's. Photo: 8Bitdo

The AP40 looks a lot like a Super Nintendo controller in terms of shape, but it comes with right and left thumbsticks as well as shoulder triggers. The controller also comes with Apple’s classic rainbow colors used by the tech giant between 1977 and 1998. The AP40 even comes with a little green leaf that covers up the USB port on top when it’s not being charged.

The AP40 uses Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible for PC, Mac, iOS and Android, according to The Verge. Gamers would also be able to use the new controller on classic consoles if they have 8bitdo’s Retro Receiver adapter. The controller also comes with a stand that looks like a miniature of the classic Apple II keyboard. The  stand can also be used for smartphones and tablets as well.

AP40+ Stand The stand can be used for smartphones and tablets for amore comfortable gaming experience with the AP40. Photo: 8Bitdo

8Bitdo has also developed a Retro Receiver for the Apple II computers as well. This will let Apple II/IIc owners use the AP40 to play games wirelessly. It connects directly to the Apple II/IIc without any other cables, according to Gizmodo.

8Bitdo, in collaboration with Analogue, has taken the AP40 to Kickstarter to raise funds for the project. As of this writing, there are already 87 backers of the project with $53,740 HKD (around $6,900 USD) pledged. The company’s goal is $125,000 HKD (around $16,000 USD).

Gamers can already preorder the controller by itself by pledging at least $49 on the Kickstarter page. There is also a $69 package that includes the stand, and there is another $85 package that comes with the AP40, the stand and the Retro Receiver for the Apple II/IIc. The controller is expected to ship in January 2017.

AP40 with the stand and the Retro Receiver The $85 USD package. Photo: 8Bitdo