A new season of “The Real Housewives of Orange County” is upon us. It will be time to head back to Southern California Monday to catch up with everyone's favorite “Housewives,” as well as a few newbies. If the Season 10 trailer is any indication, there should be no shortage of drama and catfights -- but would you expect anything less from this group?

“RHOC” is arguably one of the most explosive in Bravo's “Real Housewives” franchise. Since the show first aired in 2006, there have been a few epic screaming matches, major meltdowns, wine throwing and near knock-down drag-outs. As we gear up for Season 10, let’s take a stroll down memory lane.

Here are nine of the best fights in “RHOC” history:

1. Lizzie Rovsek vs. Tamra Judge

Things got heated between newcomer Lizzie Rovsek and “RHOC” veteran Tamra Judge while vacationing in Bali in Season 9. The two were caught in a war of words after Tamra bailed last minute on Lizzie’s birthday. The swimsuit designer confronted Tamra after it came to light she apparently lied about her reason for not coming.

2. Vicki Gunvalson vs. Laurie Peterson

Vicki Gunvalson is no stranger to drama. The 53-year-old, who has been with the franchise since its first season, found herself fighting to clear her name after Laurie Peterson, a former cast member, helped spread rumors about her in Season 8. Vicki confronted Laurie about threesome rumors while she and the cast were skiing in Canada.

3. Gretchen Rossi vs. Vicki Gunvalson

Vicki confronted Gretchen Rossi during Tamra’s '80s-themed party in Season 7 after learning her co-star's longtime beau, Slade Smiley, made jokes about her appearance during a standup routine.

4. Tamra vs. Jeana Keough

Tensions came to a boil between Jeana Keough and Tamra during Season 6. Jeana, who left the show after the dramatic season, approached Tamra during Vicki’s annual fall party to discuss rumors that had been going around. Unfortunately for her, Tamra wasn’t looking to talk. In true “Housewives" fashion, Tamra decided to toss cease-and-desist papers in Jeana’s face, followed by a near-full glass of red wine.

5. Shannon Beador vs. Heather Dubrow

Shannon Beador caused a lot of waves among cast members during her first season on “RHOC,” specifically with longtime "Housewives" star Heather Dubrow. The pair had issues all through Season 9, but things really got heated after Shannon discovered Heather allegedly had been gossiping about her troubled marriage with women outside their group. Shannon attempted to discuss her issues with Heather during a surprise visit at her home, only to be kicked out.

6. Shannon Beador vs. Heather and Terry Dubrow

After being kicked out of their home, Shannon lashed out at Heather once more during a later Season 9 episode. This time her husband, Terry Dubrow, was by her side to offer his 2 cents, further fueling the fire. After failing to come to an agreement about what happened the night Shannon was asked to leave the Dubrow’s home, she stormed off in a rage assuring the other housewives they would “all see the truth.”

7. Heather Dubrow vs. Lydia McLaughlin

Heather and Lydia McLaughlin exchanged harsh words during the Season 8 reunion following a judgmental blog written by Heather. The 46-year-old called Lydia out for getting drunk and dancing on the bar during Tamra’s bachelorette party in Mexico, but not being comfortable seeing strippers. Heather called it a “double standard,” which offended Lydia.

8.The entire cast vs. Alexis Bellino

The "OC" ladies teamed up on Alexis Bellino during a trip to Costa Rica in Season 7. After Gretchen pointed out her ostentatious tendencies, the rest of the cast chimed in with their own issues with the former housewife.   

9. Ryan Culberson vs. Lydia McLaughlin's mom

Things were going swimmingly at Vicki's winter wonderland party in Season 8 -- at least until her son-in-law, Ryan Culberson, got into it with Lydia's mother, Judy. Ryan came across Judy resting on a couch inside Vicki's home. According to his account, Judy had her feet on the couch and was being disrespectful to the home, an offense he felt was worthy of kicking her out. Judy, however, told a very different story.

"The Real Housewives of Orange County" Season 10 premieres Monday at 9 p.m. EDT on Bravo.