This time it is a 9-year-old boy, who is on a mission to save his city and wants to contribute to its betterment. Joshua Smith went all out on a hot summer Monday and sat outside his house with an aim to raise $1,000 which would go toward the benefit of Detroit, which continues to suffer from economically difficult times. Way beyond his anticipated goal, he raised over $3,000 selling lemonade.

Joshua Smith lives in the Russell Woods neighborhood of the Motor City, which has seen several lay offs and witnessed the shutting down of businesses and services. According to a report in The Detroit Free Press, last week, the city organized a Motor City Pride day parade where the citizens came together to spruce up the neighborhoods and vowed to bring the city back to vitality. Smith's way, however, of contributing to the city was unique.

According to a report in The Examiner, Joshua's set up a lemonade stand in front of his house and said that the proceeds would go to the governor's office, a local park and a local playground. The response he received was way beyond his expectation. The people of the neighborhood were so proud of hiss intensions that they went in huge numbers to purchase lemonade from him. He set up the stall on Monday and sold small items like water for $1, lemonade for $1.50 and also small snacks like popcorn. In less than a week, he had raised $3,340.

It was not only for his noble intensions but also for his endearing way of requesting his customers to come and buy the lemonade at his stall. He would say to the customers, "Will you please help support our sale? This money is going to the mayor of Detroit, and it will also go to help people cut grass and pick up trash. Please help us."

The people of Detroit certainly could not resist the noble intensions and the innocence of this child and helped him raise over $3,000 by selling lemonade. This task not only got everyone talking about him, but also earned him an Outstanding Achievement Award from the Detroit City Council and a $2,000 college scholarship from the Rosa L. Parks Foundation.