Carson Daly
Carson Daly, came under fire yesterday when the radio host mentioned that he didn't think a gay man would have been able to take down the JetBlue pilot that had a meltdown. Wikipedia

Carson Daly has been getting some heat for joking on his radio show that gay men would not have been able to take down the JetBlue pilot that recently had a meltdown.

Daly was discussing the flight, and said Most of the people were on their way to some sort of security conference in Las Vegas...With my luck, it would be like 'this is the flight going to [the gay pride parade] in San Francisco.' Changing his voice to sound like a gay stereotype, the talk show continued Uh, we're headed down to Vegas for the floral convention.

An apology on Twitter has since been released, stating, This morning on my radio show I attempted to make fun of myself and offended others by mistake. I sincerely apologize.

Alice Hoagland, the mother of Mark Bingham, a hero of Flight 93 wants to make sure that Carson Daly knows that gay people are brave and tough. Hoagland told TMZ that, Yes, my gay son was known in our family for bringing me flowers on my birthday and Mother's Day. He was also known for careening down the rugby pitch, and, on the morning of September 11, 2001, for charging unarmed down the aisle of a doomed Boeing 757 to face knife-wielding Islamist thugs in a hijacked cockpit.

Hoagland went on to say that being gay wasn't an issue in that situation. No one among his pick-up team of fellow passengers are asking 'Are you straight? Are you gay?' No one doubted that a guy who weighed 220 and stood 6'4 tall -- who could run over a charging opponent on the field, and ran with the bulls in Pamplona earlier that summer - would be an asset to a desperate group trying to overcome a threat onboard an airliner.

Proving that the world has its share of strong, heroic gay men, the proud mom continued that everyday gay men put on sports or military uniforms to win and fight for America. Quietly, humbly, and in the face of vicious bigotry, says Hoagland.

Hoagland ended her message to Carson Daly stating that she preferred to believe you didn't mean to offend. The mother even said that she hoped to one day have the opportunity to talk with the radio host.