Disney-ABC has launched a suite of streaming apps for the Fire TV, which will bring ABC stations’ local news to those who aren’t paying for cable, according to TechCrunch.

The company launched eight apps that cover all its ABC-owned stations, including WLS-TV/Chicago, WABC-TV/New York, KABC-TV/Los Angeles, WPIV-TV/Philadelphia, KGO-TV/San Francisco, KTRK-TV/Houston, WTVD-TV/Raleigh-Durham and KFSN-TV/Fresno. The company also brought its Freeform app to Fire TV, along with the new ABC apps.

Disney-ABC apps will provide viewers with local news, weather, the top stories of the day and a “Feel Good” section with inspiring stories to help make you “Feel Good.”

This is a big move on ABC’s part to reach the cord cutting audience, who is currently missing out on local news. Disney-ABC’s apps are free, and won’t require a subscription to watch local channels. ABC is hoping this will help them attract a much bigger audience.

ABC’s main app will still offer live local news, but the other local apps will let viewers browse through sections like “Quick Catch Up,” or “Latest Update,” depending on what type of news they want to watch.

By launching a suite of TV apps for the Fire TV, the company is hoping to attract those who don’t watch the local news. Disney-ABC’s new apps are available to download in the Amazon Appstore.