In a move that many will consider to be both shocking and exciting, “Bastion” developer Supergiant Games has released “Transistor” for iOS devices. The move is considered a surprise by many, as Supergiant did not reveal any plans or previews of the mobile version of “Transistor” prior to its recent release, though it's doubtful that anyone will complain about the acclaimed role-playing game (RPG) joining the iOS games library.

Before coming out for mobile devices, “Transistor” made waves on the PlayStation 4 and PC as a critically acclaimed action RPG that mixed fantasy and sci-fi elements together. The game has a fast-paced combat system and uses an isometric view that was also used in Supergiant’s other big hit, “Bastion.”

As expected, the controls of the game have been adjusted so that the title will play well on mobile devices and smartphones. Those who would rather use a controller for their games are in for some good news, as Pocket Gamer has confirmed that “Transistor” will have game pad controller support.

The game’s story is rather interesting, as it stars a famous singer named Red, who gets attacked by mysterious assassins who pursue her for unknown reasons. Red manages to escape the attack and ends up possessing a mysterious sword known as the Transistor, which was apparently made to kill Red.

“Transistor” has been praised for many things, such as its story and wonderful 2D graphics, but what made the game stand out was its combat system, which is similar to the one seen in “Bastion,” but with major improvements, as stated by Touch Arcade. While most of the battles play out in real time, players can enter a phase called “Turn ()” that freezes the screen and allows the user to plan out his or her next move at the cost of using up the game’s action bar.

Mobile gamers can purchase “Transistor” right now from the iTunes App Store for $9.99. As is the case with most paid apps, the game will have no additional in-app purchases, so players can start the game and have no problems progressing through the story. No plans have been revealed for an Android version.

Transistor - Reveal Trailer (Credit: YouTube/Supergiant Games)