Now console and PC gamers will finally have the chance to play "Badland: Game of the Year Edition," as game developer Frogmind has announced that the game will become available for download on May 27. “Badland” was considered one of the best mobile games out there, winning a variety of awards and getting a ton of updates that added numerous levels to the addictive game experience.

For those unaware, “Badland” had players controlling a mysterious creature named Clony, which traveled around a seemingly postapocalyptic world. Many critics praised the game for its innovative and physics-based gameplay as well as its unique level designs and interesting power-ups that involved cloning the creature.

The big-screen version of “Badland” will include all the levels from all the previous “Badland” updates that hit the mobile versions of the original game, so players can enjoy many challenging levels from the get-go. The game’s visuals will apparently be in full high definition, looking much better on the consoles and PC platforms.

There will be 100 levels of single-player story content and 100 more levels for co-op. There are also 27 multiplayer death-match stages, which will accommodate up to four players.

Frogmind has also adjusted the controls of the game, making it a good fit for console and Steam users. An article from the PlayStation Blog has stated that the controls for the PlayStation versions of the game take full advantage of the controller, with the analog and trigger buttons making the game feel very natural.

Other new features that weren’t in the original mobile versions of “Badland” include the ability to control the speed of Clony and the ability to have it fly backward. Frogmind tuned up and fixed the levels to accommodate the new changes, and it looks like the studio succeeded.

“Badland: Game of the Year” will be out on May 27 for the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One and PC via Steam. A report from IGN states that a “Badland” Wii U version is in the works but it won’t be out till the end of June.

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BADLAND: Game of the Year Edition- trailer (Credit: YouTube/FrogmindGames)