• ACE Family patriarch Austin McBroom challenged Jake Paul and two others to boxing matches
  • In response, Paul claimed that his wife, Catherine Paiz, has been sliding into his direct messages
  • Paiz appeared to brush off accusations that she flirted with Paul and cheated on her husband

The ACE Family’s Catherine Paiz has responded to the allegations made by fellow YouTube star Jake Paul and accusations that she cheated on her husband, Austin McBroom.

Paul stirred controversy when he claimed earlier this week that Paiz has been sliding into his direct messages behind McBroom's back. “I’d be more worried about your wife in my DMs,” he wrote on Instagram Stories.

He followed up his claim with a poll for his fans, which asked, “Should I post the receipts?” The younger Paul brother appeared to suggest that he had proof to back up his claim as he gave fans the options “Yes” and “No, don't homewreck.”

Around the same time, Piaz posted and then deleted an Instagram Stories post that said, “I forgot you existed until my husband mentioned you today. @jakepaul I'll be sending you an invoice for this free publicity.”

Paul fired back with a screenshot of what seemed like a message from Paiz that read, "Delete your story wtf??”

Though Paul did not post any other messages implying that she has been flirting with him, Paiz was accused by netizens of cheating on her husband. She responded to the allegations Wednesday in an Instagram Stories post after a fan asked her if she has been talking to Paul.

“Respectfully, anyone with a brain knows that’s not true,” wrote Paiz. “Not saying you don’t have a brain, but you get it.”

Paul posted his initial claim as a response to Paiz's husband, McBroom, challenging him, his older brother Logan and TikTok star Bryce Hall to boxing matches.

On Sunday, the ACE Family patriarch posted on Instagram a picture of him and his wife posing in a gym. He appeared ready for a bout as he sported black shorts and gold boxing gloves.

“I’ve been an athlete my entire life, so it would be disappointing for me not to get involved. Jake Paul been running from me for years. I got 5 million dollars for whoever steps into the ring with me,” wrote McBroom.

The ACE Family also came under fire back in October when an accidental upload showed the couple bickering over something, with McBroom yelling at Paiz.

While the husband and wife downplayed it as a “realistic” part of married life, some fans thought McBroom was abusive. Others, however, believe the couple was just “keeping it real.”

The Ace Family's Austin McBroom (L) and Catherine Paiz The Ace Family's Austin McBroom (L) and Catherine Paiz, recipients of the Board of Governors award, pose with their award at Thirst Project 10th Annual Thirst Gala at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on September 28, 2019 in Beverly Hills, California. Photo: Getty Images/Alberto E. Rodriguez