acer deal 2015
Microsoft has revealed a new holiday deal on Acer's Aspire F5 laptop. The 15.6-inch touchscreen device comes pre-loaded with Windows 10, and includes a new blue light shielding technology. Pichi Chuang/Reuters

Microsoft took the wraps off its latest holiday deal on Monday, and it's a big one. The Acer Aspire F5, an ideal home computer, is on sale for $349 with $250 off the asking price. Available on Monday only while stocks last, the Aspire A5 could be a perfect gift for a family member who needs a new laptop for everyday tasks.

The computer comes with Windows 10, and the specs mean it's sure to handle most tasks that get thrown its way. The machine is packed with an Intel Core i5, Intel HD 4400 graphics and 8GB of memory. A 1TB hard drive makes the computer well-equipped to store hours of movies and thousands of photos, all displayed on the 1366x768 15.6-inch touchscreen display. And unlike a lot of recent laptops, the Aspire A5 has a built-in DVD drive, so movie collections are playable on-the-go.

The laptop is packed with some of Acer's latest technologies. The "precision touchpad" offers palm rejection and improved response times than regular trackpads, while 802.11ac Wi-Fi will provide superfast connections even at distances farther from the router.

Acer's also including a technology known as "BluelightShield." This promises to reduce blue light emission from the display, which researchers have found disrupts sleep patterns.

Scientists have long demanded action against the growing trend of people using devices before going to sleep. Professor Paul Gringras, from Evelina Children's Hospital in London, last month called on manufacturers to include a "bed mode" that filters out blue light to stop sleep disruption. Although Acer's technology only promises to reduce blue light rather than block it out completely, the company claims it will reduce the eyestrain associated with standard laptop screens.

The deal is part of Microsoft's 12 days of deals, where the company posts a new deal on its online store every day at 12am PT. The promotion ends December 12.