German sportswear company Adidas has filed a criminal complaint with the Indian law enforcing authorities seeking a probe into the alleged financial irregularities in its Indian arm Reebok India.

A formal complaint had been filed, initiating criminal investigation into the commercial irregularities uncovered in the India division of Reebok, PTI reported quoting a company spokesperson.

The company refused to reveal further details on the probe and said that an Adidas team was currently stationed in India to facilitate the probe.

Earlier, Reebok had announced that financial irregularities to the tune of 125 million euros were uncovered in India division and the company was planning a €70million restructuring of the business in the country.

Reacting to the alleged irregularities in its India unit, CEO of the company Herbert Hainer had said, Driving meaningful improvements in our profitability is a central pillar of our Route 2015 strategy. The situation in India, although unfortunate, will allow us to now accelerate plans to improve a specific underperforming part of our business.

In March, the company announced managerial changes in the Indian arm following the discovery. Managing director Subhinder Singh Prem and chief operating officer Vishnu Bhagat left the company.

Though the company had announced earlier that it would close one third of its showrooms in India, the spokesperson Friday said that it had nothing to do with the financial irregularities detected.

A reorganization of Reebok's business in India was planned long before and the slashing of its stores has nothing to do with the alleged financial irregularities detected in the company, the spokesperson said.

Adidias currently has more than thousand shops run by licensee holders across India.

The group has raised its forecasts for the year based on strong first quarter results despite irregularities in its Indian unit, which the company said would cost them €125m in pre-tax profits and €70m for restructuring related expenses in 2012.