Adriana Lima is one of the most beautiful women in the world. So it is no wonder that Teleflora chose the Victoria's Secret supermodel to star in its 2012 Super Bowl commercial with some Valentine's Day advice for all the fellas out there.

Adriana Lima looks stunning in Teleflora's 2012 Super Bowl commercial as she slips on stockings and a dress, gussying herself up for what is presumably a Valentine's Day date. Lima gives sultry glances to the camera as she applies red lipstick to her pouty lips and slips on a pair of Christian Louboutins.

Then, the 31-year-old Brazilian beauty smiles at a colorful bouquet of red and white flowers placed on her armoire.

Guys, Valentine's Day is not that complicated, says Lima before leaning in closer. Give and you shall receive.

Though many men will likely drool over Adriana Lima's 2012 Super Bowl commercial, some are not as amused by the sexual innuendo.

Jezebel accused Teleflora, a popular online florist, of being flagrantly misogynistic.

How sweet of Teleflora to remind us ladies, just in case we forgot how gift-giving works, that we are obligated to have sex with our man if he does anything nice for us this Valentine's Day. ... Honestly, they f---ed this thing up so badly that I think they owe themselves a bouquet! wrote Jezebel's Cassie Murdoch.

What do you think of Adriana Lima's 2012 Super Bowl commercial - sexy or sexist?