Following the suspension of Paige from the World Wrestling Entertainment, Eva Marie was banned for the same reason: Violating the wellness policy. The “Total Diva” star took to Instagram Thursday to post about living a healthy lifestyle.

The wrestler, whose full name is Natalie Eva Marie, shared a picture of herself in a white bathing suit. “When you work hard, and put your health as your top priority, you'll see results. A lot of ladies have asked me, ‘Natalie how do you get in shape like that?’ It's pretty simple: Eat right, workout, and put in the effort every day to make yourself feel and look better,” she wrote. The post garnered more than 45,000 likes from her 3.3 million followers.

It might seem odd that Eva Marie is preaching about wellness considering she was suspended from the WWE for 30 days since she violated their policy, but the red-haired beauty explained she simply failed to hand in the proper paperwork. She wasn’t reprimanded for taking illicit drugs. “I look forward to my return,” she wrote in an official statement Monday. “Thank you for your support.”

Her husband, Jonathan Coyle, supported the WWE wrestler after the suspension. “It is my honor to go through every storm life may throw at us with this woman,” he wrote on Instagram Monday. “I'm proud to be your husband.”

While Eva Marie has been vocal since her suspension, Paige has remained quiet. She hasn’t posted to social media since her suspension.

They’re not alone. Other wrestlers who have been suspended in 2016 are Titus O’Neil, Adam Rose, Konnor and Roman Reigns.

Eva Marie will return to the WWE Sept. 17. She promised fans she would be better than ever.

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