New York’s Attorney General Letitia James is reportedly considering a run for governor after her office played a key role in investigating former Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

James, who was elected in 2018 as the state’s first Black attorney general after serving as the public advocate of New York City, has not yet announced any decision on a run for governor. Sources told CNBC that James is divided between risking her powerful position as attorney general and whether she believes in her odds of success during a Democratic Party primary.

Kathy Hochul, who became the first female governor of New York after replacing Cuomo in August, has been working to build support for her own run in 2022. Jumaane Williams, James’ successor as public advocate in New York City, is similarly weighing a run as a progressive candidate in the race while rumors persist that the city’s Mayor Bill De Blasio is gauging his own options.

New York is a largely blue state that has been run by a string of Democratic governors who have each been dogged by scandal. Cuomo was accused of sexually harassing female staffers while in office, claims validated by the attorney general’s office on Aug. 3. He resigned a week later on Aug. 10 amid an impeachment investigation by the state legislature.

James’ name recognition in the state is certainly high, owing to a slew of high-profile investigations by her office since her term began. Beyond the one into Cuomo, James launched investigations into the business activities of former President Donald Trump’s organization that have since become a criminal probe. In addition, the New York attorney general’s investigation into financial wrongdoing by the National Rifle Association (NRA) has put the most powerful gun lobby on the brink of bankruptcy.

Several unnamed allies who spoke to CNBC said that James believes these investigations create a powerful platform for her to launch a bid for governor. According to a Data for Progress poll from August, James sits at the top of the pack but the sample size used was small and other polls show formidable support for Gov. Hochul.

Even in the absence of any announced campaign, it has been reported that James’ allies are testing the waters on her behalf by speaking to potential donors and other supporters. Luis Miranda Jr., a longtime political consultant, and the father of famed musician and producer Lin-Manuel Miranda, has been among those checking the political appetite for a James campaign in 2022.

Miranda was previously a consultant for James' run for public advocate and has worked with several prominent New York politicians, including its two current United States senators.

James’ attorney general campaign has also raised just over $1 million in the first half of 2021 from donors who may be sympathetic to her if she enters the governor's race next year.