The “Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Season 2 winter finale was shocking and deadly. After Mack (Henry Simmons) had been sealed in the alien city last week, fans thought they may have seen the last of him. While his future is still uncertain, there are some other characters that fans had to lose this week. Those deaths were only a couple of the most shocking moments of “Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Season 2, episode 10.

1. Skye Met Her Father – We knew this was coming, but there were still some big reveals here. Skye’s Father (Kyle MacLachlan) introduced himself as Cal (he finally has a name!) and told her that he wasn’t always this monster. When she was a baby, they were happy. He also explained what happened to her mother. Skye (Chloe Bennet) thought she’d get him to let her go, but he told her that she was where she needed to be to fulfill her destiny.

“I don’t work for Whitehall,” Cal explained. “I could never. I needed him to find you, to put the pieces together. It’s not your fault. You asked about your mother about what happened to her. Your mother was special. Your mother was special because she had a gift. … You have a gift.”

2. Skye Touched The Obelisk – After Whitehall (Reed Diamond) returned, he wanted answers about why Ward (Brett Dalton) brought Skye as a hostage. Ward claimed he brought her as insurance so that S.H.I.E.L.D. wouldn’t shoot Hydra down, but Whitehall didn’t believe him. Still, he thought Skye might be beneficial. He suspected she could touch the obelisk. To her surprise, Skye could touch it without being harmed. Whitehall said that he hoped she was as special as her mother before tying up her and Ward.

3. Whitehall Is Dead – It looked like Whitehall was going to kill Skye’s father first, but Coulson came in just as Whitehall drew his gun. Coulson (Clark Gregg) shot Hydra’s leader in the chest. It appears that Coulson killed Whitehall. Cal didn’t consider it a victory though. “He was mine and you killed him!” he shouted.

4. Skye Shot Ward – Although Raina (Ruth Negga) pointed out that Ward was in love with Skye, she didn’t take it to heart. Ward freed himself after being tied up and then freed Skye. He told her to stay back while he checked the door, but Skye took the gun off a dead guard. She shot Ward several times and told him that he shouldn’t turn his back on his enemy. After all, he taught her that lesson.

5. Cal Beat Coulson – Cal didn’t appreciate Coulson intervening when it came time to kill Whitehall. He started beating up Coulson and said, “She doesn’t need you. She needs me. I’m her father, not you!”

Skye called him Dad and he stopped attacking Coulson. She told him to leave. “I will always love you, Daisy,” he said.

6. Raina Completed The Mission – She doesn’t work for Hydra or S.H.I.E.L.D., but Raina had a mission. She needed to bring the obelisk down to the city to fulfill her supposed destiny. Luckily, Hydra was already drilling their own entrance to the underground city. She ran into Mack, still possessed, who took her to the temple.

7. Triplett’s Bombs – The original plan was to destroy the city before anyone could get the obelisk down there. Right after the bombs were planted, May called and told them Coulson and Skye followed Raina into the city. Triplett (B.J. Britt) had just a couple minutes to go back into the city and diffuse all four explosives. He managed to do it with just a second to spare.

8. The Obelisk Gives Life – After following Raina, Skye ended up in the temple with her. “Everyone has got it all wrong,” Raina explained. “This doesn’t destroy. It gives life. New life. We finally get to find out what we become.”

The obelisk started to float out of Raina’s hands and onto a pedestal. The walls closed in around them. Triplett came in just before the walls sealed, but Coulson didn’t make it in time. Shards of blue crystals came out of the obelisk, and Raina and Skye started to turn to stone. Trip pushed the obelisk off of the pedestal, but shards went into him and turned him to stone as well. Skye and Raina broke out of the stone, but Triplett didn’t. He crumbled to dust as an earthquake started and the temple started coming down.

9. Another Obelisk – Another obelisk glowed inside someone’s office. “Are you seeing this?” a man asked while on the phone. “There’s someone new tell the others I’m on it.” The issue is that we aren’t quite sure how he saw anything. He didn’t have any eyes.

“Marvel’s Agents Of S.H.I.E.L.D.” Season 2 resumes in March. Is Triplett really dead? Share your thoughts in the comments section below!