• The Agnelli family is donating 10 million euros to combat coronavirus in Italy 
  • The objective is to assist  authorities in dealing with the health and social needs in Turin
  • The Agnelli family has also donated medical equipment and vehicles to the Italian Red Cross

As the coronavirus rages on in Italy, the family behind Ferrari and the associated firms has announced a series of measures used to combat the crisis.

The Agnelli family controls Ferrari Formula 1 and road cars. They also have controlling stakes in Fiat Chrysler and Juventus Football Club.  

They are making a 10 million euro donation to the Italian Civil Protection Department and a social assistance organization. It is known as Specchio dei Tempi.

 The objective is to assist both  authorities in dealing with the health and social needs within Turin city. It is within the region of Piedmont, as COVID-19 intensifies.

The family’s different organizations have also sourced 150 ventilators along with other medical equipment from different overseas suppliers. 

They are also preparing for immediate air transportation on these goods to Italy, so assist with the apparent burden on the health services.

The Agnelli’s have also provided the Italian National Association for Public Assistance with several vehicles that will assist with the distribution of food and medicine to the sick and people in need of assistance across Italy.

Ferrari itself has since sent its crews that have come back from Australia into self-quarantines as a means of precaution. They have insisted, however, that none of the team members are suffering from any symptoms of the virus.

Those who are living with vulnerable family members like elderly parents, a pregnant spouse, and young children have taken residency at the local hotels.  Their stay is being paid for, though, by Scuderia.

All the members of the team are to remain in quarantine for two weeks. At this time, Ferrari is shutting down the factories in Maranello until the end of the month.

Ferrari CEO Louis Camilleri gave a statement declaring his gratitude to Ferrari’s men and women who had demonstrated the passion and dedication that defines their team.

He added that together with the suppliers, they had ensured the future of the company’s production. It is out of respect for the staff and their families they have decided to take on this path.

Other teams in Formula 1 had also implemented their isolation measures, especially for the staff who were at the Paddock in Albert Park when the first cases of the virus were diagnosed in the McLaren and Haas team members.

Thankfully, the symptoms of the McLaren team member who had it are gradually reducing, and he is recovering.