Apple's new AirPods Pro feature a different design compared to the older AirPods models. The new in-ear design helps the new audio accessory deliver an improved listening experience that's better than the earlier models, by sealing out ambient noise and helping the Noise Cancellation function to work excellently.

The new AirPods Pro does this using removable and replaceable silicone tips. Apple includes three pairs of silicone tips with each AirPods Pro purchase. The three pairs come in different sizes so that users can choose the right one that fits their ears perfectly.

Because the tips are small and removable, it's a fact that anybody can lose them one way or another. Users who lose their AirPods Pro silicone tips need not spend a lot on a whole new pair, though. Lost tips can simply be replaced by Apple at a very reasonable price.

Here's how users can obtain new silicone tips for their AirPods Pro, as per Apple Insider :

  • First, users will need to contact Apple Support by heading to (Users need to do this because the tips are not available for standalone purchase just about anywhere. Tips replacement is considered as “repairing” a pair of AirPods Pro. This is why users who need AirPods Pro replacement tips need to contact Apple Support.)
  • Second, users will need to log in with their Apple ID, and select Replace an AirPod or ear tip. Users will then need to select their AirPods Pro from the list of devices associated with their Apple ID, and enter the AirPods Pro's serial number if prompted.
  • Third, users will need to follow all the steps shown on the screen to be able to order replacement tips and have these shipped to their homes.

Those who want to skip the hassle of logging in online and possibly having to enter a serial number can just call 1-800-MY-APPLE instead.

While it's much better to take care of the tips so that they won't get lost, it's not a bad thing to know that it's possible to get Apple to replace those missing tips for only $4 a pair. It's not free, but at least it's a lot cheaper compared to getting a new pair of AirPods or AirPods Pro altogether.

AirPods and charging case Maurizio Pesce/Wikimedia Creative Commons