• Apple's AirPods Pros are so small that they can easily get misplaced or lost
  • There's a way to locate missing AirPods Pros without having to ask another person
  • The Find My app can be used to locate misplaced or missing AirPods Pros

Apple's AirPods Pros are great audio accessories that allow iPhone users to listen to music, podcasts, videos and take or make calls without having to deal with messy wires or to place their handsets near their ears. These nifty devices, however, have one major caveat aside from their expensive price – their small size.

AirPods Pros are very small and can easily get misplaced, dropped or lost, especially if they're not placed in the charging case. Worse, since the case itself isn't at all large, the whole package –the AirPods Pro and the charging case– can go missing in the hands of any user.

Thankfully, Apple has included a safety in the form of the Find My app. This app will help users locate their missing $250 AirPods Pro, provided that they set the feature up before the device gets lost. Here's how to set Find My up to locate the device:

First, users should set up Find My on their iPhones. This is because the feature has to be enabled on the iPhone before it could work. Do this by proceeding to Settings > the user's name > Find My > Find My iPhone, then turning on Find My iPhone, Enable Offline Finding and Send Last Location.

Now that that's ready, users who misplace their AirPods Pros, or simply want to test the feature, can use Find My to locate the audio accessory by doing the following steps:

  • First, users should open the Find My app.
  • Second, users should look for their AirPods Pro in the list of devices that appear.

Along with each item on the list is a description that tells the specific location of the item, complete with street names and apartment numbers (if available), Apple Insider noted. If these details are unavailable, the app will simply indicate the town or district where the device was last found.

  • Third, those are near their AirPods Pro but can't find them can command it to play a sound. Users should tap on their AirPods Pro on the list, then tap on the option to Play Sound. The AirPods Pro will play a noise loud enough to be heard, and can play it from either the left or right side.
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