• "Alaskan Bush People" star Matt Brown has been accused of raping two female ex-employees just days apart in 2018
  • Discovery Channel stated that it was aware of the "disturbing" and "serious" allegations against Matt
  • Matt has been absent from "Alaskan Bush People" since around the time of the alleged incidents

"Alaskan Bush People" star Matt Brown has been accused by two women of rape in incidents that allegedly occurred just days apart in 2018.

Jessica Jurges, a former personal assistant of the Brown family, and Shelly Dawn, Matt’s ex-manager, alleged in an interview with The Sun that they were violently raped by the 37-year-old "Alaskan Bush People" star at the same location in Canoga Park, Los Angeles, after he had been heavily drinking.

The Discovery Channel, where the reality-documentary series about the Brown family airs, said in a statement to People on Wednesday, Sept. 16, that it had been aware of the sexual assault allegations against Matt.

"Discovery Channel was approached several years ago regarding the allegations, finding them disturbing and very serious," the statement read. "We agreed the local authorities should be contacted immediately. Due to the nature of the accusations we felt that all cooperation would be most appropriately handled by law enforcement."

Matt did not respond to People's request for comment as of writing. He has been absent from the series, which centers around the lives of the Browns as they navigate living off the grid in Alaska, since around the time of the alleged incidents.

Jurges, 35, claimed Matt allegedly raped her on July 8, 2018, in a swimming pool.

"He ripped my bathing suit off. Wouldn't let go of me. I said no probably a million times," she said. "I was disgusted. I said everything nasty I could to him, to get him off me and it wasn't happening."

Jurges, who worked as a coordinator on "Alaskan Bush People," told The Sun that the "monstrous" ordeal went on for "two and a half hours" before she was "rescued" by Matt's alleged second victim, Dawn. According to Jurges, she thought she would drown in the pool during the ordeal before Dawn "ripped him off."

"After the attack, we got out of the pool. And we're just reprimanding him saying, 'Matt what the f--- is wrong with you? Don't you ever do that to anybody. You'll go to prison. Do you understand?'... He just apologized and cried," Jurges told the outlet.

Matt's second accuser, Dawn, who had also been hired to help him with his addiction issues, alleged that he raped her at the same location just days later on July 11, 2018. His former manager, 54, said she had been unable to fight him off as she had a hip replacement.

"He was out-of-his-mind drunk. After it happened, he told me that I raped him — that's how drunk he was," Dawn said.

Following the incident, Jurges reached out to Matt's brothers, Bear and Gabe, who expressed disappointment over his behavior. The brothers are also said to be estranged from Matt, according to The Sun.

Both women reported his alleged crimes to the Los Angeles Police Department’s Topanga Division, and the case was later passed on to the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office. But the D.A. did not prosecute, the report said.

Matt has struggled with addiction for years. He first entered rehab in 2016 and sought treatment a second time in 2018, People reported.

"Alaskan Bush People" star Matt Brown
"Alaskan Bush People" star Matt Brown