Alien: Covenant
“Alien: Covenant,” the sequel to “Prometheus,” released on May 19, 2017. Mark Rogers/© 2016 Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation

“Alien: Covenant,” the sequel to the Ridley Scott movie “Prometheus,” promises to scare us. The official trailer of the second movie was released online, and it looks every bit as terrifying (if not more) than the last one.

The video of “Alien: Covenant” begins with someone being trapped in a room with a man that is clearly becoming an alien. It’s time to put your survival mode back on.

The sequel continues the story of the 2012 movie in which a group of explorers set to find the engineers of the human race. They spot signs of life and civilization when they reach this remote planet but soon discover that the aliens have ulterior motives. Things get worse when the crew discovers that the company that sponsored the expedition, Weyland Corporation, has a hidden agenda.

Here are four things we discovered from watching the first video of “Alien: Covenant”:

1. Another Ship, Another Story

“Prometheus 2” kicks off with the crew of a colony ship, known as Covenant, leaving Earth for a remote planet on the far side of a galaxy. They think they are heading towards an undiscovered paradise only to learn that, shockingly, it is a dark and dangerous world. When the threat is discovered, they quickly try to escape.

“It’s hard to scare people,” Ridley Scott told Entertainment Weekly, “It’s a lot easier to make people laugh. But to scare the s--t out of somebody? That’s difficult.” Scott also told the publication that there will be answers given in “Alien: Covenant.” “'Covenant’ is really going to show you who did it and why.”

2. The Movie Is Going To Scare You

The trailer of “Alien: Covenant” is sure to send chills down anyone’s spine. From being locked up in a room with an alien to an extra-terrestrial slimy being biting a crew member’s face to one alien attacking a couple in a shower – Scott has spared no scare tactics.

3. Michael Fassbender Is Back As David

Remember the android David that accompanied the crew of Prometheus? He will be back in “Alien: Covenant” when the colony ship lands on the remote planet. David and Dr. Elizabeth Shaw (Noomi Rapace) were the only two survivors of the Prometheus voyage. When the covenant ship lands on the dark planet, the crew will discover David living there.

Additionally, the trailer shows Fassbender accompanying the crew of the Covenant. This is because the “X-Men” actor will also play a new and advanced robot called Walter that assists the Covenant crew.

4. It Release On May 19, 2017

Mark your calendars!