Amazon announced its first touchscreen smart speaker, the Amazon Echo Show in May. The device will cost $229.99 and start shipping Wednesday. Just like other products from the Echo range, the Echo Show will have artificial–intelligence based voice command support from the company’s Alexa voice assistant.

The smart speaker, with a touchscreen, will have additional capabilities on top what existing smart speakers offer — its touchscreen, for instance, sets it apart from other smart speakers in the market such as Apple’s HomePod and Google Home.

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The idea behind adding a touchscreen to a smart speaker is that it is a touchscreen, which you don’t really have to touch since all its functionality is voice-based. Like all Echo speakers, it is Alexa based and uses artificial intelligence to record your commands on Amazon servers, which will let it respond and evolve better with functionality.

Here are some of the features of the upcoming device, which you should look out for:

7-inch touchscreen display:  So, what difference does a touchscreen make to a smart speaker? Well, it makes it less audio dependent and capable of multiple kinds of output. For instance, on other Echo devices such as the Echo Dot, you could ask a song to be played using just a voice command. On Amazon Echo Show you will be able to play a YouTube video you want by giving a voice command and if you need lyrics to a song being played on the speaker, you will be able to see them on the device’s display.

5-megapixel camera: The Echo show comes with a 5-megapixel built-in camera. This feature makes it capable of multiple functionalities, including letting it function as an intercom and even letting users make hands-free calls to others by simply giving a voice command.

 Smart camera connectivity:  The speaker can be connected to other smart cameras and show you a feed from them. This can help it double as a security cam or even as a voice activated baby monitor which will show you the feed on another smart camera placed close to the baby — all you need for setting up a security network is compatible smart cameras. Or you can fit one anywhere in the home and use it as an intercom to communicate between different rooms or floors.

Tablet-like functionality:  The device is not limited by just being a smart speaker. It can play videos show a video version of daily news called flash briefing or act as virtual itenary letting users set up appointments on their calendars. The idea seems to be to merge an iPad like functionality along with a smart speaker.

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Interactive voice-based applications:  Many companies, which have previously designed functionalities and apps for smart speakers such as Ring and Arlo are also getting products ready for the launch. For example, Ring will let you see who is at the front door and even answer the person by picking up feed from a security camera