Amazon has announced that it will unveil a new product at a June 18 launch event in Seattle, but details about what will be introduced are slim.

The company posted a video on its official YouTube account (see below) on Wednesday inviting people to apply to attend the event. It featured a number of people responding to whatever the new technology will be.

The reactions all suggest that Amazon consumers are impressed by the innovative nature of the product.

“It's very real-life and un-comparable to anything I've seen,” one said, while another marveled, “That's super awesome. I don't know how you do it.”

One woman's reaction, “It moved with me,” combined with the fact that a number of the video subjects were moving an item back and forth in their hands as if they were steering a car or aiming at something, suggested that the product might be the long-anticipated Amazon smartphone bearing a 3D display.

The launch event announcement video was accompanied by the release of a mysterious photo showing what appears to be the corner of a black device bearing the distinctive Amazon logo.

The company has been expected to launch a 3D smartphone for some time now, Amazon is keeping mum concerning whether the public will see that on June 18.