Amazon has confirmed that Amazon Prime subscribers will receive free one-year subscription for the Nintendo Switch. Many fans noted that this is one of the best free offerings that the Prime subscription has given out to its users. Here’s how to claim it.

According to, the latest offer can be below the Twitch Prime crown button on the site. Twitch Prime subscriptions can be availed on its own or as part of the Amazon Prime subscription.

Once the user is subscribed, they can also claim the Nintendo Switch subscription for their accounts that comes in the three-month plus nine-month package, giving users a whole year of freebies.

To avail this, the user needs to have an Amazon, Twitch and Nintendo account to use these bonuses. Register on Amazon and follow the steps to subscribe to the Amazon Prime service.

The process mostly takes just a few clicks, as well as details such as credit card information to pay for the service. Once subscribed, users will just need a Nintendo account to receive the Twitch Prime bonus and start enjoying the benefits on their Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo is actually the first among the major consoles to provide their subscription to Twitch Prime as a free bonus. Sony’s PlayStation Plus and Microsoft’s Xbox Live subscriptions have yet to do this.

Twitch Prime bonuses are mostly in-game content for some free-to-play games. "Warframe" and the recently released battle royale game, "Apex Legends," are among those which have given out free loot for Twitch Prime users to claim. All players just need is an account to receive the bonuses.

But while this is a great offer for many users, Switch owners with the Family subscription option unfortunately can’t avail this promo.

So far, the Nintendo Switch online subscription assures that the players are able to use the online features of their games, upload their saves to a cloud storage, play classic NES games and have special deals in the store. Meanwhile, the Twitch Prime subscription provides the user better streaming experience on the site.

If you’re a Nintendo Switch owner, this free giveaway is too great to pass up.