Amazon Web Services saw an outage Wednesday that caused problems for several companies. In a statement, Amazon said it was specifically having problems with its service that processes large streams of data. 

“We continue to work towards recovery of the issue affecting the Kinesis Data Streams API in the US-EAST-1 Region. We also continue to see an improvement in error rates for Kinesis and several affected services, but expect full recovery to still take up to a few hours,” the statement said. 

“The issue continues to also affect other services, or parts of these services, that utilize Kinesis Data Streams within their workflows. While features of multiple services are impacted, some services have seen broader impact and service-specific impact details are below. We continue to work towards full recovery.” 

Amazon Web Services is the company’s cloud storage business that many high-profile companies use. 

Many companies including the Baltimore Sun and the Chicago Tribune reported internal problems due to Amazon's blunder. Other companies that experienced problems include Ring, Roku, Autodesk, Affirm, Target, Twilio and Adobe, CNBC reported.

Many companies announced their issues on social media and assured customers that a resolution was being handled. 

In a tweet, the Chicago Tribune said, “we are experiencing intermittent issues with our website and publishing system because of the AWS outage. We will continue to post breaking news updates to our social channels.” 

Roku also tweeted out, “we are aware of a service interruption impacting Roku accounts. We apologize for the inconvenience, please try back again later.”

Major Amazon clients including Apple, Netflix, and Slack didn’t appear to have problems as the tech conglomerate continues to patch up the problem. 

This isn't the first time Amazon Web Services experienced problems. In 2017, Amazon Web Services experienced “high error rates" that caused clients and websites to slow down.

Amazon said profits grew in the past quarter on robust retail sales and gains in cloud computing Amazon said profits grew in the past quarter on robust retail sales and gains in cloud computing Photo: AFP / Angela Weiss