American Airlines has canceled more than 1,500 flights since Friday amid staffing shortages and severe weather issues.

The situation began when an estimated 738 flights were delayed and 342 flights were canceled on Friday, according to the flight-tracking website FlightAware. 

American Airlines then canceled 543 flights on Saturday and 634 on Sunday. As of 11:34 a.m. ET on Monday, American Airlines canceled 298 flights, according to FlightAware data.

The airline previously told CNN that weather inconsistencies have played a major factor in not having the necessary number of employees.

“With additional weather throughout the system, our staffing begins to run tight as crew members end up out of their regular flight sequences,” the airline stated.

In an internal letter obtained by ABC News, American Airlines stated that its largest hub, Dallas Fort Worth International Airport, has been hit by severe winds that contributed to the travel issues.

While American Airlines is facing major delays and cancellations, the company expects 1,800 flight attendants to return from leave on Monday and more are expected back by Dec. 1. The airline is also planning to ramp up hiring in the fourth quarter.

American Airlines’ issues come after Southwest’s major delays and cancellations in early October. The company attributed the setback to “weather and other external constraints.”

Southwest claimed scheduling and staffing shortages as a result of the pandemic also contributed to the issue.

On Oct. 13, Southwest issued a statement assuring customers that operations would return to normal following the extensive delays. 

American Airlines was profitable in July, but said it suffered losses in August and September due to the Delta variant of Covid-19 American Airlines plane Photo: AFP / CHANDAN KHANNA