Things are heating up inside the Coven for American Horror Story’s third and most dramatic season yet. Episode six ‘The Axeman’ introduced  The Axeman and his relationship to Fiona, Hank was revealed to be a witch hunter, we were left to wonder if Queenie would leave the Coven to practice Voodoo, and left surprised when Madison was brought back to life.

With all the twists and turns that were revealed in Episode 6, fans have been waiting to see what drama would unfold in Episode 7, ‘The Dead’.  TV Reporter Amanda Remling sat down with IBTimesTV to discuss the spoilers ahead of this evenings episode, and from the sounds of it, fans will not be disappointed.

Episode 7 will be highlighted with a dramatic love triangle, between Kyle, Madison and Zoe. A connection between Madison and Kyle will be strengthened over their shared experience of being brought back to life. But Kyle already has a strong connection to Zoe, so where will this lead?

Queenie will also seek out Marie Laveau to see if Voodoo is in her future after feeling like she does not fit in with the Coven. But Queenie may be in danger, after it was revealed that Hank, the witch hunter is working for the Voodoo Queen.

Fans will also get to see Fiona continue to scramble to maintain her power while in doing so make poor choices, as the dangerous relationship between the Axeman continues to bloom.

What is yet to be revealed is who is in fact next in line to be the Coven’s 'supreme'. While the front runner appears to be Zoe, who has demonstrated a growing skill set of powers, there are several other players who could be serious contenders.

If we have learn one thing from watching three seasons of American Horror Story it is that you should never expect the expected. Episode 7 of Coven will air this evening on FX at 10pm.