"American Horror Story" is continuing its viral video campaign for season two. Having already released two trailers for the highly anticipated return of the FX series, their Facebook page posted another promo video called "Hydrobath."

"Hydrobath" comes a day after the second video, "Blue Coat," was released. "American Horror Story's" Facebook page embarked on a viral buzz campaign last week to pump up viewer excitement for the Emmy nominated series. While fans have been treated to casting news and a picture of newcomer Adam Levine on set with "Bloody Face," the new season has been really kept under wraps - until the string of videos.

The latest video came with a message for fans of the series on Facebook.

"Are you ready for the birth of the new horror? The Asylum is open. American Horror Story: Asylum. Coming this October, only on FX."

The "Hydrobath" video shows what appears to be a bathtub with restraints around it. Instead of an open center, the bath tub water (which is a murky white) is mainly covered by possibly a vinyl covering with a zipper down the middle. In the video the zipper is open, and a body can be seen occasionally sloshing around in there. By the end of the video the tub zippers itself up, keeping the person hidden inside.

Eyeing the video for some time, it's easy to see that the tub with the zipper on top resembles something - more specifically a body part. Still not seeing anything? Keep the message "Are you ready for the birth of the new horror?" in mind when watching the video.

Before "Hydrobath" was released, "American Horror Story" treated fans to "Blue Coat" and "Special Delivery."

"Don't try to escape. You're being watched," explains the caption for the haunting Facebook video of "Blue Coat." The second teaser in the viral campaign shows a nun in white walking with a button up coat on a hanger. Initially starting off in an odd color and the screen moving as if being filmed by a second party, the nun continues walking to the wall of a white room. She places a blue coat on the wall and sits down in a chair while what looks like a nun in black prays in a little corridor. When the nun in white sits down, the blue coat's sleeves extend, evoking an image of the crucifix. The white nun turns to look at the new shape that her blue coat has taken on, and then turns and eyes the camera.

The first viral teaser, "Special Delivery," shows a nun walking in a field towards the woods carrying two buckets of what appears to be body parts...or possible a baby. The nun in the trailer stops walking when she gets closer to the woods. She sets down her buckets, then picks one up and chucks the content behind her before picking up the remaining bucket and continuing on towards the trees. The woman's face remains hidden throughout the entire scene.

Season two of "American Horror Story" is set to take place in an East Coast institution for the criminally insane in the 1960's.

Returning from season one as totally new characters are Jessica Lange, Zachary Quinto, Sarah Paulson, Evan Peters and Lily Rabe. "American Horror Story" has also tapped new cast members Mark Consuelos, Adam Levine, Chris Zylka, Joseph Fiennnes and James Cromwell, among many others.