American Horror Story
"American Horror Story: Coven" premiered on Wednesday, Oct. 9. FX

WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. Do NOT read if you do not want to know what happened in the season premiere of "American Horror Story."

Trick or treat – “American Horror Story” returned for its third season on Wednesday, Oct. 9. The FX mini-series aired its brand new chilling tale, “Coven,” and it was just as haunting as viewers would expect.

The story begins in 1834 with Madame LaLaurie (Kathy Bates), a woman obsessed with maintaining her youth through unusual practices – like painting her face in blood. When LaLaurie discovers that her youngest daughter, Paulina, has had sex with a slave she brings him to her chamber … where he’s cruelly punished.

LaLaurie’s chamber holds numerous slaves, all terribly mutilated. One man has his eyes and mouth sewed up while another woman has the skin of her face peeled off. But LaLaurie’s has something special up her sleeve this time. Since he acted like a “beast” she decides to make him into one. Placing a bull’s head over his own, the slave is turned into LaLaurie’s very own Minotaur.

Meanwhile in modern day, Zoe (Taissa Farmiga) has plans on losing her virginity to her boyfriend. Worried about hurting her, Zoe’s boyfriend should be worried about himself.

Upon losing her viriginity, Zoe discovers that she has a genetic affliction – she’s a descendant from Salem witches and can kill someone by having sex with them.

Shipped off to New Orleans to attend Miss Robichaux’s Academy for Exceptional Young Ladies, Zoe meets others like her:

-Headmistress Cordelia, who specializes in brewing potions.

-Madison, a movie star who has the power of telekinesis.

-Queenie, a human voodoo doll who can inflict pain upon someone else.

-Nan, a clairvoyant who can see things others can’t.

Cordelia explains that the school once held 60 girls but their numbers are slowly dwindling. A safe haven for witches, the school can help Zoe and the others discover their powers and learn how to use them safely.

While Zoe gets accustomed to her new surrounding, “American Horror Story” viewers meet Fiona (Jessica Lange), the Supreme witch of her generation. The average witch has one power, but the Supreme has the ability to harness all of them. Unfortunately one of those powers is not eternal youth, and that is what Fiona wants.

Investing her late husbands money into research for an elixir of youth, the doctor tells the Supreme that the serum won’t be ready for human testing for another two years. But that’s not a good enough answer for Fiona. The witch demands that he injects her with the serum and the doctor obliges.

When the effects don’t start to work immediately, Fiona decides to break out her magic. Forcefully kissing the doctor, Fiona drains the life out of him until nothing remains but a corpse.

With the elixir still non-existent, Fiona decides to head to New Orleans after hearing that a girl was burned at the stake not to far from Miss Robichaux’s. “Coven” viewers learn that Fiona is Cordelia’s mother … and they don’t have the best relationship.

While Fiona believes that witches should use their powers to fight, Cordelia’s views on teachingwitchcraft are to be peaceful and tame. Cordelia doesn’t want her mother moving into the school, but Fiona tells her that it’s happening whether she likes it or not.

As the mother and daughter bicker, Madison decides to take Zoe out to a frat party. It’s there that Zoe meets Kyle (Evan Peters), a fraternity brother who appears sweet and gentle. But unfortunately for Madison is frat brothers are not the same. Madison gets roofied and gang banged before Kyle and Zoe are able to find her.

The guys run from the room with Kyle chasing after them. Boarding a bus, the frat brothers take off to sort out what just happened – but Madison has her own plans for them. Using her magic Madison flips the bus, killing seven of the boys and putting two in the hospital in critical condition.

Zoe’s uneasy with the events of the evening, but Madison wakes up the next day as if nothing happened. What she doesn’t realize though is that Fiona is in town … and the Supreme knows everything. Telling Madison that she was sloppy, Fiona sends her across the room with a flick of her wrist when Madison answers back.

Fiona decides to take the girls out in New Orleans for a field trip. Heading towards sacred with prayer grounds, their walk gets derailed when Nan is drawn to the house of Madame LaLaurie, which was at one point owned by Nicholas Cage and is now a museum to inform others of her torturous ways.

On the tour the witches learn that LaLaurie died in her home. The story has it that she poisoned by Marie Laveau, a voodoo priestess and lover of the slave that LaLaurie made into a Minotaur … but LaLaurie’s body was never found.

Using a tip from Nan, Fiona heads back to Madame LaLaurie’s old house after dark. Digging up her coffin in the courtyard, Fiona discovers Madame LaLaurie … and she is still very much alive.

As for the two frat boys in critical condition? Zoe visits the hospital to see if Kyle survived, but she’s disgusted to find that it’s not him in the I.C. … but instead the boy who roofied and raped Madison.

Zoe decides to use her magic to exact revenge. Closing the hospital door, Zoe mounts the frat guy – having sex with him until he’s dead in a pool of his own blood.

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