America’s Got Talent” Season 12 is set to premiere on NBC on Tuesday, May 30. But ahead of the pilot, a teaser featuring one of the auditionees was released by the network.

The three-minute clip opens with a man named Will introducing himself to judges Simon Cowell, Heidi Klum, Mel B and Howie Mandel. Will tells Cowell that he’s 33 years old, single and a pet lover. The latter asks Will what his act will be, and he tells everyone that he will be doing some magic. Cowell asks if Will has already done his act on other shows, but the latter said that this will be his first time trying it out in front of a huge crowd.

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Will’s act opens with a rose, a black table, a few cards and some coins. The magician surprisingly shows and hides the coins that are placed under the cards. At one point, the coins are replaced by the petals of the roses that he removed at the beginning of his performance.

The audience cheered on Will as Cowell, Klum, Mel B and Mandel all look shocked by his tricks. All four judges are obviously impressed with Will, and by the looks of it, he will be advancing to the next round of competition. However, it is unclear whether or not any of judges will give him their golden buzzer.

Meanwhile, NBC has decided to not air the segment involving a couple who performed an original song while their daughter waited for them backstage with host Tyra Banks. Earlier this week, reports swirled that Banks verbally and physically abused the young girl while her parents were performing. The couple didn’t make the cut after the judges were left unimpressed by their track, according to the New York Daily News

Following their pre-taped audition on May 19, the couple decided to file a lawsuit against the producer of “America’s Got Talent.” They also urged the network to not show their segment, saying that the incident traumatized their daughter and left her depressed. Banks and the other judges, who allegedly laughed at the auditionees, did not release a comment regarding the incident.