• World Taekwondo Demonstration Team earned a Golden Buzzer for their "AGT" audition 
  • All four judges gave the team a standing ovation after their performance
  • Terry Crews gave the team a Golden Buzzer because he had not seen anything like their act before

"America's Got Talent" judges were impressed while watching World Taekwondo Demonstration Team's audition Tuesday.

World Taekwondo was invited to perform at the Olympics, but they didn't make it due to the pandemic. Simon Cowell joked by asking them, "So you could say you chose us over the Olympics?" The spokesperson of the team agreed to the judge's statement. Cowell then further asked, "Do you believe you can win the competition?" and the team said "Yes" with confidence.

The group has over 20 members, and they wowed the judges with an array of surprisingly high-flying kicks and acrobatics. Sofia Vergara and Heidi Klum were clapping while watching the performance. The "Modern Family" star even yelled "Bravo!" Host Terry Crews was also clapping while watching the group from the side.

"This is so exciting!" Howie Mandel said while smiling.

The team ended their breathtaking performance with one member kicking a two-story-high block that unfurled a banner with a message that read, "Peace is more precious than triumph."

All of the four judges gave the team a standing ovation after their performance. They had nothing but praises to what they have witnessed. Simon said the act was "one of the most extraordinary things I’ve seen in all the years I’ve been on 'America’s Got Talent.'"

Meanwhile, both Mandel and Klum praised the discipline involved in the act. The supermodel also said she had "goosebumps" from the "amazing performance."

"The discipline that is involved, the message you have — amazing!" Mandel quipped.

"It was perfection to me," Vergara added.

When Cowell asked the judges to vote, Crews cut him off because he wanted to give something to the team.

"First of all, I gotta tell you, I have never, ever seen anything like this in my life," Crews said.

"World Taekwondo this is not about fighting. It's about courage. It's about confidence and respect. And I respect what you guys did out here today like no one else. And you know, you were not able to make it to the Olympics and get a gold medal, but I am going to give you something golden right now," he added and then pushed the Golden Buzzer with Cowell seemingly doing the same from his seat.

The team will go into the live rounds after their performance.

"America's Got Talent" airs Tuesday nights at 8 p.m. ET on NBC

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