John Walsh of "America's Most Wanted"
“America’s Most Wanted” has arisen from its newly-formed deathbed, slated to return on Lifetime later this month with host John Walsh, according to reps. REUTERS

America's Most Wanted has arisen from its newly-formed deathbed, slated to return on Lifetime later this month, according to reps.

Lifetime Networks president Nancy Dubuc announced on Tuesday that Lifetime has acquired the fugitive-hunting series, and will resume its 25th season this fall on the network.

According to Dubuc, America's Most Wanted has provided a very valuable service to both viewers and law enforcement agencies.

The show, which began in 1988 hosted by John Walsh, has aided in catching nearly 1,200 fugitives, 17 of which were on the FBI's Ten Most Wanted List.

For more than two decades John Walsh has been leading the fight against crime and it's an honor to partner with him on bringing back this important show, Dubuc told the Associated Press.

America's Most Wanted was cancelled by Fox back in May due to production costs. Since the cancellation, Walsh has reportedly been searching for a new network home for the show while keeping the hotline and AMW website up and running.

I've always believed there was something very special about America's Most Wanted and that there should be a home for it on television, Walsh said in a statement.

Walsh began America's Most Wanted after a personal quest following the abduction and murder of his 6-year-old son in 1981. His advocacy for heightened law enforcement led him to reign as the first Fox television show to rank first in viewership in its time slot, according to the AP.

Now we are back in the game and ready to saddle up for another season to get justice for victims and put dangerous criminals behind bars, Walsh said.