For a second consecutive month, America's Internet users went purple to get their news. A survey conducted by Experian Marketing Services finds that Yahoo attracted more visitors to its pages than any other news or media website in December 2014, the second consecutive month it has held the top spot. 

The sprawling Internet company attracted more than 239 million U.S. internet users, while the Huffington Post came in second, with more than 204 million visitors. CNN and a pair of weather-focused websites, Accuweather and The Weather Channel. Reddit and BuzzFeed came in sixth and seventh, respectively, followed by Google News and Fox News. The New York Times came in 10th, with 1.4 percent of the total visits.

The survey did not break out device sources for the traffic totals. Experian did not return requests for comment on its findings.

The results provide a small measure of validation for Yahoo's continued relevance. Ever since the company’s board of directors installed Marissa Mayer as CEO two years ago, the company has poured considerable resources into improving and expanding its content offerings, from hiring Katie Couric to serve as the global anchor of its video news service to acquiring the blogging platform Tumblr for $1.1 billion to growing its menu of video content on Yahoo Screen.

In recent months, however, Mayer's job performance has come under considerable scrutiny. A recent New York Times Magazine cover story on Mayer detailed the efforts of several investors to oust her from her position as Yahoo’s top executive.

Yahoo is scheduled to release its fourth-quarter earnings results Tuesday, Jan. 27, after the close of trading.