• The Airship map is the biggest map introduced in "Among Us"
  • It is now available in the game
  • Players need to get acquainted with the new set of tasks, rooms and other features of the new map

The arrival of a new map in "Among Us" means a new set of tasks for crewmates to complete, new rooms to explore and a whole lot of features to try. This also means that Impostors will have to familiarize themselves with the Airship's layout as well as the crewmates' tasks to easily eliminate all the crewmates without blowing their cover. Impostors looking for ways to do those might find this guide handy. 

The Airship Tasks Impostors Could Fake

The new "Among Us" Airship map features 18 tasks for crewmates to complete. The best task that Impostors could easily fake is Fix Wiring. This task is available in the previous map so Impostors have substantial knowledge on how long it would take to complete the task. It is easier for them to lie about it if they know a lot about the task. 

Another task that Impostors could easily fake is the Calibrate Distributor task. It requires players to stop the rotating circle within the three wheels to align them. It is easy to lie about, considering that the Airship map is new. 

The Airship New Among Us update out now! The Airship is a new, free, 4th map for Among Us out now! All new tasks, skins, and more to keep you working ... and guessing. Photo: Innersloth Official YouTube Channel

Rewind Tapes is another task that Impostors could easily fake. This task requires Impostors to match the time of the tapes to the timestamp by backtracking and fast-forwarding it. Impostors can stand as long as they want, considering the requirement to complete the task. It is a nifty way to grab and eliminate crewmates if they are taking too long to complete the task. 

Spots Impostors Could Use To Kill Crewmates

The best spot for impostors to use to kill crewmates is the Electrical. All they need to do is cut the power off and hide in this area to kill crewmates who want to complete tasks or who happen to pass by the area.

The Lounge is another great spot where one could trap crewmates since the area has no other exits and lots of dead ends. This is also the place where players would highly likely attempt to restore the power back.

Impostors could also use the Vault and take advantage of its vent. It connects the Cockpit to the Viewing Deck, giving impostors the best stealth access to these two areas.

Finally, there is the Gap Room. Impostors could use this to spot since crewmates usually camp in this place because of its proximity to the Meeting Room.