• "Among Us" The Airship map is now available for free 
  • It is the biggest map Innersloth has released in the game
  • Players can also try the new mod called Juggernaut

Innersloth rolled out the biggest map in "Among Us" called "The Airship" on March 31. For those who are looking for unique ways to enjoy the hit online social deduction multiplayer title, they could use the game's different mods. One of them is called Juggernaut, which allows players to save crewmates from impostors using special powers.

What Is The Juggernaut Mod?

The Juggernaut mod is sometimes referred to as the SWAT Officer mod. In this mod, the player who gets the role is tasked to save other crewmates from getting killed by impostors. Interestingly, this mod offers the player a range of special powers and abilities so they would be able to execute the task at hand.

The Juggernaut's abilities include Thwack, which allows him to hit crewmates, disabling them to move for a brief period of time. The Roll Out ability, on the other hand, transforms the player into a police car and allows him to travel a lot faster than any player in the game. Meanwhile, the Lock Up ability is a handy one since it enables the Juggernaut to put players in a room and lock them up.

The Airship New Among Us update out now!
The Airship is a new, free, 4th map for Among Us out now! All new tasks, skins, and more to keep you working ... and guessing. Innersloth Official YouTube Channel

When inside the room, the Juggernaut can execute anyone. Another interesting ability that the Juggernaut player has in this "Among Us" mod is called Pick Up, which lets the Juggernaut catch crewmates and place them on the roof of the police car. To make the Juggernaut's work a lot easier, he can use the Zoom Out ability that offers him a view of the entire map to supervise all players.

Other Details

In the "Among Us" Juggernaut mod, crewmates no longer have the power to call for an Emergency Meeting and report dead bodies. They have to depend solely on the Juggernaut for their protection while completing their tasks. The Juggernaut is allowed to catch and execute any player even if it is only based on suspicion.

Below is a video, courtesy of Sigil, in which "Among Us" players can see how this mod is played.