It’s been more than four months since the Arizona restaurant Amy’s Baking Company was featured in a now infamous episode of Gordon Ramsay’s Fox show “Kitchen Nightmares,” but its owners say they are still being viciously cyberbullied by critics.

The restaurant’s owners, Amy and Samy Bouzaglo, who have devoted the past few months to doing damage control and attempting to rebuild the company’s public image in the face of a public outcry, made two public posts on their Facebook page, which they claimed were examples of the type of online harassment they’ve received since appearing on the reality TV show.

The post began “Perfect example of Cyber Bullying” and featured the date and alleged sender’s name. It stated: “You c----s are f----- Gordon Ramsey should of stabbed you both in the face [sic]. Do everyone a favor and slit your wrist amy your a sad pathetic excuse for a human being.”

Another post made to the page later that day featured a similar message, time stamped from Sept. 18. “i hope you die,” it said. “amy is the craziest f---ing b---- ive ever seen, i hope she gets killed fast. samy kill her please, you are a criminal anyway [sic].”

The second message likely referred to Samy Bouzaglo’s televised retort during an argument with Gordon Ramsay, “I’m the gangster!” Bouzaglo admitted after the episode was aired that he did have a criminal past, acknowledging that he had served time in prison before he immigrated to the United States. “The FBI knows all about me. ... The IRS knows,” he said. “I want people to know about me. But not today, not tomorrow. I have nothing to hide.”

Both posts received hundreds of comments, but the majority came from people who attacked the Bouzaglos for perpetuating drama. Many commenters alleged that the posts were a tactic to revive interest in the embattled restaurant, which has rolled out several events to drum up business, including a Grand Re-Opening in May and a newly minted line of merchandise in August.

“This fan page is nothing but drama lmao,” one Facebook user wrote. “A bridge is missing its troll, Amy go back under the bridge you belong!” another wrote.

The Bouzaglos skyrocketed to Internet fame after appearing on Ramsay’s show in May, in the only episode that the British celebrity chef has ever walked out of. After getting into a heated argument with the Bouzaglos, Ramsay stormed out of the restaurant, declaring that the couple was delusional and beyond his help.

An intense backlash followed the episodes, when commenters flocked to Yelp and Reddit, claiming that the Bouzaglos engaged in unethical business practices like confiscating tips from their staff without telling diners -- something they admitted to on the show -- and reselling baked foods made at other bakeries at marked-up prices.

The Bouzaglos have continued to defend the restaurant’s policies and have continued to use their Facebook account to both vocally attack critics and thank supporters. Despite the overwhelmingly negative attention that their reality TV-stint offered them, the company announced on Aug. 31 that they were working on a new reality show and would be revealing the details in the next few weeks.

“We are currently hiring for all positions in preparation for our new reality TV show,” the post stated. “We are excited to announce news regarding our new reality TV show within the next few weeks. So please stay tuned!”