Lewis Hamilton, as the Mercedes' flagship, has already bagged five championship titles and is looking to win his sixth in this year’s season.

The Brit has managed to stay above the competition, including Charles LeClerc, Max Verstappen and Sebastian Vettel to make it a two-horse race between Hamilton and his teammate, Valtteri Bottas.

Earlier on in the season, Hamilton secured his present position with a stream of wins. Had he not been consistent with the performance, then things would be a bit different on the drivers standing.

LeClerc, Vettel and Verstappen each had moments of glory, which created questions so whether the tables were turning on the incumbent champion.

These worries have been laid to rest by the previous two races that have ended the Ferrari winning streak.

The most unfortunate of the contenders was thought to be Verstappen before LeClerc proved exceptional potential that would have been galvanized if he had not had car problems in the first part of the season.

The only one who has managed to retain the same consistency as the five-time champion is Bottas, as he has always been the reliable teammate that has kept Hamilton on his heels for the entire season.

There are sentiments from formula one forums that Bottas is a plant as part of the team strategy to make sure Hamilton retains the title, and he does not have a stake in it.

Sensing the tension, team boss Toto Wolff claimed the pair would be treated the same way and given a fair chance now that Mercedes has secured the constructor’s title for the sixth consecutive time.

That being said, it would take an uncharacteristic number of mistakes for Hamilton to bungle the title. As such, he has a chance of securing it with the next Grand Prix race in Mexico City.

The 34-year-old has a healthy 64 point gap on top of the Drivers’ Championship with four races left for the season.

It looks to be a matter of time before Hamilton gets the sixth win.

Analysts have already mapped out a series of scenarios where Hamilton wins the championship with the next race. For example, if he comes first and Bottas comes fourth or slower provided he has the fastest lap, then it is possible.

If he finishes any lower than 3rd place, then Bottas should be in 9th place or lower.

If Hamilton goes lower than third place, then the title will be in contention for another race regardless of which position Bottas finishes.

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Lewis Hamilton Pixabay