Samsung Galaxy Note 2
The Slim Bean custom ROM based on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean is now available for the international version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with the model number GT-N7100. Samsung

The Slim Bean custom ROM based on Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean is now available for the international version of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 with the model number GT-N7100.

This is the final version of the Slim Bean Android 4.2.2 custom firmware and brings numerous customization options for the Galaxy Note 2. However, not being an official release from Samsung, the ROM requires users to have a rooted device with a custom recovery like ClockWorkMod installed to flash the zip file.

Take a look at the new features included in the Slim Bean Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean custom ROM (via Team Android):

· Device Options – Galaxy Note 2 Settings

· Interface – Majority of customization options are found here

· OTA – Enables Updates

· Performance – Includes CPU, voltage, tweaks etc.

· Profiles – Enables set up of various profiles for different occasions/ environments such as work, home, evening etc

· Quiet hours

· Themes – Theme engine

· About Slim

Below is a tutorial showing how to install Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean on the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (GT-N7100) using Slim Bean custom ROM. Before proceeding, do ensure that following aspects are fulfilled:

- Backup your data

- The device must have at least 80 percent battery power

- USB driver must be installed for Samsung Galaxy Note 2 in your PC

- USB Debugging must be enabled

- Backup your EFS Folder.

- The device must be rooted and have ClockWorkMod Recovery installed

- Perform a Dalvik Cache wipe before proceeding from the recovery mode

- This tutorial is only for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (GT-N7100). Therefore, it should not be implemented on any other Android device

Note: IBTimes cannot be held responsible if anything goes wrong. The users should proceed at their own risk.

Required Files

1. Android 4.2.2 Slim Bean custom ROM for Galaxy Note 2 GT-N7100 [Download]

2. Google Apps [Download]


Step 1: Connect your Galaxy Note 2 to PC using USB cable.

Step 2: Copy downloaded files to the SD card of your phone without extracting them.

Step 3: Disconnect USB and turn off your phone.

Step 4: Boot into ClockWorkMod recovery in your Galaxy Note 2 by pressing and holding the Volume Up, Power and Home buttons together until the Samsung logo appears on screen.

Step 5: Now perform the data wiping task. To do so, select “wipe data/ factory reset,” then select Yes on next screen to confirm your action. Wait for a few minutes till the data wipe is completed.

[Use the Power button to select everything while in the Recovery Mode]

Step 6: Perform a cache wipe by selecting “wipe cache partition.”

Step 7: Now, from CWM recovery, go to “advanced” and then select “wipe dalvik cache."

[This step is optional, but recommended]

Step 8: Go back to the main recovery screen and select “install zip from SD card.”

Step 9: After that select “choose zip from SD card” and locate the Android 4.2.2 ROM zip file and select it by pressing Power button.

Step 10: Confirm installation by selecting Yes – Install on the next screen. The ROM installation will begin now.

Step 11: Once the ROM installation is done, repeat step 9 but choose the Gapps zip file instead of ROM zip to install the Google apps package.

Step 12: After the installation is complete, go back to the main recovery menu and select “reboot system now” to reboot the phone and boot into customized Android 4.2.2 Jelly Bean ROM Slim Bean. The first boot will take time.

[Source: Team Android]