Many smartphone network providers have confirmed the firmware Android 9 Pie update to their Samsung S9 and S9+ offers. However, a promotional video was prematurely leaked by an official Samsung site that shows the next generation Samsung phones. Here’s what we know about this issue.

According to Android Police’s report, the new Android 9 Pie for Samsung Galaxy S9 and S9+ is now available for Verizon, Sprint and AT&T. While the Xfinity devices from Verizon was the first to receive the Android 9 Pie update locally, Samsung has been known for being a hallmark of quality when it comes to Android smartphones. For now, interested smartphone users can go to preferred providers for these new phones.

So far, the new Android 9 Pie update provides these following features to their phones:

  • Adaptive Battery – the phone automatically adjusts power usage depending on the user’s preferences.
  • Adaptive Brightness – the phone will automatically change its lighting depending on your usual preferences and current situation.
  • App Actions – the phone predicts what the users will do next such as opening the music playlist when the user plugs in a headset
  • Slices – the phone brings up search results relevant to your favorite apps
  • Intuitive Navigation – app switching and control can be done through gestures than pressing buttons
  • One UI – Samsung’s new UI built for one-hand operation. This feature also supports Night Mode for a dark colored theme which could prevent sudden brightness eye strain in the dark and also saves battery
  • Intuitive camera interface – Camera settings can be easily changed with one hand and the camera adjusts to give the best shot depending on the situation.
  • One Talk – The dial numbers are available instead of just a separate app for quicker access for any business or personal matter.

Samsung Galaxy S9 Will you pick the newly updated Samsung Galaxy S9 or the upcoming new Samsung phones to be announced this 2019? Pictured: A man walks past a display for Samsung Galaxy S9 smartphones at the company's showroom in Seoul on July 31, 2018. - Samsung Electronics on July 31 reported a 0.1 percent dip in its second quarter net profit from a year earlier, blaming slower global sales of premium smartphones that dented demand for its flagship Galaxy device. Photo: Getty Images/Jung Yeon-Je

However, the new leaks about the next line of Samsung phones may want these interested buyers to hold on their wallets first. As seen on Tom’s Guide, the new Samsung Foldable trailer has just come out earlier than expected. Potentially, the new video could be for the upcoming Samsung Unpacked event on Feb. 20 in San Francisco, California.  As seen in the video, a woman is using the new Samsung Foldable like a little booklet.

While the full list of new features of the Samsung Foldable is yet to be revealed, the device will be one of the first of its kind this 2019. Samsung fans can choose to buy the new offers from their providers or wait out the upcoming event to see the release dates for the newer devices.