• Android TV gives users the benefits of Android on a bigger screen
  • These include being able to play Android games on a widescreen TV
  • It's easy to get games from Google's Play Store and play it on the device

Google’s Android might be known as the biggest mobile operating software alongside Apple’s iOS, but mobile phones aren’t the only devices to run on this popular platform. There are home entertainment devices that run on Android as well, and they’re called Android TV.

Just like Android smartphones, Android TV gives users access to the services that Google offers. These include the Play Store and the vast collection of games created for the operating system version.

Android TV owners can actually play games on their home entertainment device, Android Authority noted. Here’s how to do that:

  • First, users should turn their Android TV on, then go to the home screen.
  • Second, select the Apps section to the left of the home screen. This is done using the remote that comes with the Android TV or the directional pad on the paired controller.
  • Third, once there, users should press the Get More Apps button on top or choose the Play Store icon. This will open the Google Play Store.
  • Fourth, once inside the Play Store, select the Games category, then look for a game to install on the device.
  • Fifth, if the game is free, users can simply choose Install to download it to their Android TV. Otherwise, users will need to select the price and pay it via a payment method associated with their account. Users can add a payment account by going to their Google Play account.
  • Lastly, users will need to follow the instructions shown on the screen to finish installing the game.

Users are advised to check the games’ descriptions to see if they require a gamepad in order to be played. Some games also allow users to try a demo of the game before actually buying or downloading it to their Android TV. Games with a “Try Now” button will allow users to try games out.

Apps that are installed on the Android TV can be found in the apps library. It can also be seen in the Google Play Games app, as well as the My Apps section of the Google Play Store.

Currently, the Google Play Store has a huge selection of free and paid games.

android tv multiplayer gameplay
Burke demonstrated multiplayer gameplay through Android TV, which takes input from hardware controllers, TV remotes, phones and tablets. Google, Inc.