The atmosphere on the sets of Angelina Jolie Pitt and Brad Pitt's movie, “By The Sea,” was very high on emotions, the actress revealed during a recent interview. The newlywed couple had to be in a constant mode of fighting and stress during the shooting of the movie, and it was a very difficult time for them.

"It was an emotionally charged set," Jolie Pitt told Entertainment Weekly. "Even though the characters are very different from us, when you act you still express real emotion."

The couple was also honeymooning at that time, and to further add to the emotions, the husband and wife also bought their six kids to Malta with them, where they shot the movie.

So was it a good decision to mix their household duties with official duties? No, the experience was equally draining for the kids too in the beginning. However, it also helped all of them come closer as a family.

"It's impossible to bring your work home with you when you have to snap out of it for your children," Jolie Pitt said. "It wasn't easy for either of us, but when we walked away, we were closer than we had been."

Jolie Pitt also believes that the story of the couple in “By The Sea” is closer to reality. Many couples take a small break from their relations to ponder about their future, and their characters too do the same in the movie.

“I think too often people go through very painful transformative experiences and they don't stay together. They abandon each other," she added.

The actress also discussed the technical aspects of shooting the movie in Malta, and revealed that they relied heavily on the natural lighting for the film.

"It's all natural light so it doesn't feel artificial. When we did scenes, we didn't have big lighting setups in our face for close-ups," she explained. "By the Sea" will hit theaters on Nov. 13.