• Angelina Jolie penned a sweet tribute for her late mom on Mother's Day
  • Angelina Jolie honored all the mothers on Mother's Day
  • Brad Pitt's ex-wife also penned a letter for all the parents amid the coronavirus lockdown

Angelina Jolie shared the pain of losing her mom in a sweet tribute for Mother's Day.

Jolie, the filmmaker and special envoy of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees, penned a sweet tribute for her late mom on Mother’s Day. Jolie’s mom, Marcheline Bertrand, died on Jan. 27, 2007.

It has been 13 years since Jolie’s mother passed away. However, when the “Maleficent” star looked back she could still remember the pain of losing her.

Jolie penned an op-ed for The New York Times where she commemorated Mother’s Day by remembering those who lost their moms like her because she knows how hard life is without a mother.

“I lost my mother in my thirties,” Jolie wrote.

“When I look back to that time, I can see how much her death changed me. It was not sudden, but so much shifted inside. Losing a mother’s love and warm, soft embrace is like having someone rip away a protective blanket.”

Jolie said that she got a tattoo after her mom died. It looks like the letter “m” because it’s faded and many thought it signifies her mom’s name, “Marcheline.” However, it’s actually “w.” The tattoo stands for Rolling Stones’ song “Winter” which she used to sing to the “Eternal” star when she was a little girl.

“I loved my mom,” Jolie said.

Brad Pitt’s ex-wife recalled how her late mom wanted to feel alive. When Jolie was down, Bertrand would play rock songs and remind her of the fire within her.

Jolie also recalled how her mom became deeply sad after the latter lost her own mother. Bertrand’s dream of being an actor faded and she was left raising two kids.

Jolie shared that she found a video of her mom acting for a short film after she died. The “Salt” star complimented her.

“She was good. It was all possible for her,” Jolie continued.

Jolie also honored all the mothers including those who feel helpless. She concluded her letter by recognizing those who are grieving on Mother’s Day.

“And to anyone who is grieving this Mother’s Day, I hope you will find consolation and strength in your memories,” Jolie wrote.

Jolie also penned a letter for all parents amid the coronavirus pandemic in April. She reminded moms and dads that children don’t need perfect parents but honest ones.