Angelina Jolie
Angelina Jolie shops at Target, but this is not her “secret shopping fix.” Pictured: Jolie attends the 'Light After Darkness: Memory, Resilience and Renewal in Cambodia' discussion at Asia Society on Dec. 14, 2017 in New York City. Getty Images/Dia Dipasupil

Angelina Jolie may have been visiting Target, but this doesn’t mean that buying at the store has become her “secret shopping fix.”

Rumor debunking site, Gossip Cop, recently countered the statements made by National Enquirer about the “Maleficent” actress.

The tabloid quoted an unnamed source who said, “Superstar Angelina Jolie is wealthy enough to shop anywhere, but when it came to the holidays, she was all about bargains. Angie loves Target. It’s one of her favorite stores, and it’s where she buys lots of Christmas gifts. Walking around with her shopping cart makes her feel happy.”

Gossip Cop stressed that there’s no truth to such claims, and reiterated that it all started after Radar Online published a story about Jolie struggling with her finances. The tabloid claimed that Jolie has opted to buy discounted items at Target because of her money problems.

However, there’s also no truth to such rumors because the actress’ net worth is roughly around $160 million. She has just completed a series of successful projects, namely, “First They Killed My Father” and “The Breadwinner,” which generated huge sums of money.

Meanwhile, Jolie was also spotted at Target with her two kids, Shiloh, and Vivienne in August. The trio wanted to buy food at the store, but immediately left Target after they learned that it was no longer available.

Gossip Cop also stressed the fact that there’s no truth to the claims made by the sister sites because even their statements contradicted each other. Last week, Radar Online quoted their source, “Walking around with her shopping cart makes her feel normal again.”

National Enquirer, on the other hand, wrote, “Walking around with her shopping cart makes her feel happy.”

But regardless of where Jolie wants to shop, the most important thing is that she gets to spend time with her six children. The single mom has joint custody of her kids with Brad Pitt. The actor only has visitation rights to see their children, but all six of them are living with Jolie under one roof.