Brazilian singer Anitta talked about her good friend Camila Cabello at the 2022 Billboard Music Awards on Sunday. In a red carpet interview with ET, she revealed how the “Havana” singer has been coping with her breakup from Shawn Mendes and dished on the possibility of a future collaboration with her.

According to Anitta, Cabello didn’t really have a hard time after the split. “I don’t think she had a hard time in the breakup. She’s just happy,” she said. “She’s very like confident and nothing in her life is too much drama, I think. She’s a soft person. Everything is just happy, easy, and I like that,” she added.

When asked about the possibility of making music with Cabello, Anitta revealed she’s been in talks with the singer about it. “I’m always telling her we should do something together,” she said. “I think we are so close as friends, that we never stopped to actually think about it. I’mma send her some stuff and see what happens. I kinda have some songs.”

Anitta also talked about the kind of friendship she shares with the 25-year-old, saying Cabello’s attitude is one of the reasons they are compatible as friends. “Whenever we are together—we were at Coachella. She went to see my show—and we were like having drinks, dancing together, having a whole night together. I had the best moment,” she said.

The singer also revealed she and Cabello have a group chat with another good friend, Chloe Bailey, where they talk about the little things. “We are always talking about these things—what are we doing tonight? What are we doing tomorrow?” she said.

Anitta was one of the performers at the Billboard MusicCon in Las Vegas last Friday. She also presented at the Billboard Music Awards on Sunday and was on the cover of Billboard Magazine’s latest issue.

Sharing her experience at this year’s BBMAs, the singer could not hide her excitement. “I’m so happy,” she said. “I couldn’t imagine even in my biggest dreams that I would ever be here you know? As a Brazilian person, it’s the first time my country’s seeing anything like that, so, I’m really—I feel really happy, powerful. I feel like I’m representing my whole culture and I’m very happy about it,” she added.

Brazilian singer Anitta's steamy smash hit "Envolver" has sent her soaring up the pop charts and sparked a viral dance phenomenon
Brazilian singer Anitta's steamy smash hit "Envolver" has sent her soaring up the pop charts and sparked a viral dance phenomenon AFP / Eva Marie UZCATEGUI