Since Annabelle is an evil doll, there have been some comparisons to Chucky, the serial killing doll, and now there is a possibility the freaky toys will join forces one day -- that is if “Child’s Play” creator Don Mancini has his way.  The porcelain demonic doll spooked moviegoers over the weekend, and now Mancini is inspired to create a potential crossover.   

Annabelle The doll from the Warner Bros. supernatural thriller "Annabelle." Photo: Warner Bros.

"I am hoping that at some future point we have Annabelle and Chucky team up," Mancini told USA Today last Thursday. "I can see that (even) in 20 years from now."

Even if the dolls could not star in a film together, the writer said Annabelle could make a cameo in the seventh “Child's Play,” which he is working on at the moment.

There could be some legal problems since Annabelle belongs to Warner Bros. and Chucky is property of Universal. "We would be into it; the only problem is that we are in different studios. That would probably be years worth of red tape to work it out," Mancini said. "But if it all could be worked out, then yes, we're very into it."

When asked who would win in an Annabelle vs. Chucky fight, Mancini said it was too soon to tell, since he hadn’t seen the movie before the interview. From the trailer, Annabelle is playing her fighting cards close to her chest. "From what I see, her fighting style is very subtle. I want to know if she has some secret moves,” the “Child’s Play” writer said.

Annabelle There's a chance Annabelle and Chucky could appear in a movie together, if Don Mancini gets his wish. Photo: Warner Bros.

But if she entertains any thought about getting involved with Chucky’s bride Tiffany, there could be some problems. "The bride of Chucky is going to be very upset if Chucky starts to stray," Mancini said. "If I were Annabelle, I'd be watching my back."

[SPOILER ALERT] There are some major differences between Annabelle and Chucky. While Chucky moves, talks and physically kills, Annabelle never changes her position unless someone else moves her. She does not speak, either.

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