Anonymous Hispano, the Mexican branch of the online hacktivist collective based in Latin America lay siege to two Mexican websites on Tue, March 20 in protest of Pope Benedict XVI's upcoming visit in an cyber-operation referred to as #opFariseo (hypocrite) on Twitter. The hackers succeeded in temporarily knocking the websites offline and defacing them with their own message: Hacked system. The POPE is not welcome, out out!!!!!

Both hacked websites were linked to the Pope's planned visit to the country this Friday through Monday, before the religious leader continues his tour in Cuba. The website of the Achdiocese of Mexico was down for several hours on Tue. March 20 as was the website of the Institute of Communications and Philosophy (Comfil), which is usually devoted to teaching philosophy.

On their Facebook page, Anonymous Hispano confirmed that the websites were hacked for supporting Benedict XVI). In a corresponding YouTube video the hacktivists claimed that the Pope's visit was connected to political campaigning for the upcoming Mexican presidential elections on July 1, and is an effort to throw the Catholic Church's support behind the current ruling party and to keep the population shrouded in lies.

They also argue that the Pope's visit will not include any chances to witness the country's intense poverty and violence. Instead he will only see a country of lies and facades where everything will apparently be wonderful.

In an explanatory message on Pastebin in Spanish, Anonymous Hispano posted a manifesto of sorts, titling the cyber-attack Operation Freeloader, in a reference to the Pope. The message goes on to state that the collective believes Mexico should be a secular nation, and described the alliance of church and state in Mexico as an irrefutable fact. (Read the full translated message below).

Anonymous has conducted operations in Mexico before, targeting the notorious drug cartels in the past when members of the hacktivist collective were held captive by the Mexican warlords.

Operation Freeloader

Greetings citizens of Mexico, the Vatican head of state will visit the Mexican state of Guanajuato from 23 to 26 March. His visit comes just at the start of election campaigns by the President of the Republic, and does so specifically to a state ruled for 20 years by the PAN.

 His visit is to a country with the largest number of Spanish-speaking Catholics on the continent, where neither the state nor even the Church has done nothing to encourage improvement and raising standards of culture and civility in society. Making your visit will look more like the coming of a political leader than a religious leader. Anonymous objects to this because we believe that Mexico before being faithful should be SECULAR.

Pope Benedict XVI comes to see poverty as they all work out for your visit, walk among the poor, nor see the crime that the country suffers, because even that supposedly give organized crime a truce, that is coming in a visit to a country of lies and facades do and apparently everything is great.

 Benedict XVI, bringing their gold robes, his armored popemobile and his entourage. It comes on a trip paid for by the tithes of the temples are nothing more than the taxes of the Mexican people, the sum amounts to 75 million pesos for his visit to Guanajuato, in a country with over 50 million people in poverty. It is illogical to spend on this and not to help the Tarahumara.

 While the PAN will take this as a political weapon to secure votes from the millions of Catholics in Mexico, this screen is a purely political matter and it is unfortunate that this visit has been arranged to take advantage for a political party.

 The Alliance Church-Government is an irrefutable fact, the two powers hold the reins of terror in the world, leading to misery and destruction. The political and economic power pays for favors rendered by the Church. The first, to bless and justify his impunity and the second to keep the masses fleecy, thus maintaining their social status.

 The Catholic church and his terrible mental capacity of repression is part of the complex apparatus of crowd control. From birth we are taught fear against worldly powers and worldly, this causes the man to become a religious automaton, incapable of revealing the web of fanaticism that has created for its own sake this great black spider is the Catholic Church.

 The Vatican, which is the symbol of corruption, crime and lies in the world, since it was established, has created an empire of fear and bigotry that has been very useful to carry out heinous actions as Christianization, as the case of the Crusades, the conquest of America and Africa, its bloody fight against the so-called heresy, his involvement in war crimes and crimes throughout history.

 The Church arrogant humbled and honored to Galileo claimed the right to decide about science Millions of victims killed in the name of God during the conquest of America, where the natives who survived were annulled their culture and religion.

 But who gave him the right to do so many crimes, the right to burn philosophers and thinkers, the right to burn witches, the right to burn and hide books, the right to cause wars, the right to be complicit in some murderers, the entitled it to run banks and companies, the right to appropriate what belongs to others, the right to protect priests sexual perverts, the right to live in the midst of wealth, the right not to pay taxes?

 We who have the need for something bigger, we are believers and those who take strength, profiting from our spirituality, some who give the right and thereby maintain their power.


The Vatican and its caste members all are using the most precious human beings have, in this case our people, which is the Faith, at the expense of it because they manage to make a big fraud hiding behind God willing for if God would so things do not you think that all that money raised will be used to improve the conditions of the population?

 The religious institution used as weapons of lies and hypocrisy inseparable, to continue maintaining the deception of the people, all with the aim of protecting their interests, hiding his face and dark malevolent intentions behind the true message of Jesus. He respects the beliefs, but do not respect the institution therefore leave the phrase in reference to a Secular State, inviting the church to stay out of affairs of state, respecting the ideas and beliefs outside their own: Give to Caesar what is Caesar's and unto God what is God's