NVIDIA has announced that it will serve up some "Anthem" footage while showcasing the new features of its new products. Here’s what we know about the incoming "Anthem" gameplay footage.

The known video card brand teased via the official NVIDIA GeForce Twitter that  it will be showing off some "Anthem" footage during its CES 2019 show. It’ll be an exclusive trailer — a first since the game’s announcement.

NVIDIA confirmed that “never-before seen Javelins, enemies, and environments” will be featured during its conference. Aside from the "Anthem" gameplay, the company is there to showcase its new DLSS feature.

PC Mag writer Tom Brant posted on Twitter that “NVIDIA uses its DLSS algorithm ‘to infer a much more beautiful higher resolution,’ without using a ton of compute power.” Potentially, we could be seeing an extremely high quality footage of the "Anthem" gameplay footage during the show.

NVIDIA has yet to reveal any official details about the incoming "Anthem" gameplay footage, but fans will surely appreciate it when it comes out. So far, we’ve yet to see more gameplay footage that’s making its way to the upcoming game. 

In the past and even without disclaimers, many players noticed quality differences between the trailers and the actual product once the latter is released. Players need some actual gameplay footage to help them decide if they should buy the game or not.

Previous trailers have shown off some of “Anthem’s” cities and forests that will serve as settings in the game. It’s possible that NVIDIA will showcase other terrain like snowy mountains, volcanos, more ocean areas, and other fun places to explore in the game.

Moreover, the gameplay trailer is also expected to show new Javelins to give players an idea of the new playable big robot suits and their unique abilities.

For now, we’ll have to wait on NVIDIA to release the footage on social media or Youtube outside of the CES 2019 event. Be on the lookout for any new videos of the game from the official “Anthem” and BioWare channels.

[Update] As seen on the Exclusive "Anthem" trailer posted on Youtube, it is the same as the video on their Twitter post. No second or extended trailer has been released after it. So far, the new trailer further confirms more forest and deep water areas in-game. The best takeaway from this "Anthem" trailer is that its compatible with the latest NVIDIA DLSS technology, which means ultra high quality graphics for PC players. The gameplay trailer is bare as no in-game features are explained in the one and a half minute trailer.