Entourage Cast
The cast of the HBO tv series "Entourage" (L-R) Jeremy Piven, Kevin Connolly, Adrian Grenier, Jerry Ferrara and Kevin Dillon. Reuters

Executive producer Doug Ellin has recently reached out to ex-congressman Anthony Weiner to make a cameo appearance on the hit HBO television series Entourage, E! News reports. Weiner representatives have not yet responded to Ellin's offer.

Representative Anthony Weiner resigned his seat Thursday during a four minute news conference held in a senior center in his district, the New York Times reports. Weiner was pressured to resign by fellow members of congress after news of a scandal in which he sent suggestive pictures of himself to girls via Twitter went public.

Entourage returns July 24th for its eighth and final season. The July 19th premiere party will not be in the Los Angeles show's home setting, but in Manhattan. All the guys are from New York, including exec producer Doug Ellin, an HBO insider tells Hollywood Reporter.

Newly popular Anthony Weiner action figures are available for purchase here. Watch the video below for a dramatic reading of Weiner's texts by Bill Maher and Glee star Jane Lynch.