• The woman was admitted to the COVID ICU after testing positive for the virus 
  • Hospital staff said it was not their responsibility alone to take care of the woman
  • Authorities said they have initiated action against the staffer responsible for the incident

A paralytic COVID-19 patient's husband was horrified to see ants crawling out of her mouth as she lay neglected inside a hospital ICU.

The shocking case of medical negligence occurred in the Indian city of Vadodara, reported The Times Of India.

Footage of the woman in a dire state, and another showing her husband questioning the hospital staff about their apparent indifference did rounds on social media after the incident came to light.

In his complaint, the husband said the woman, whose identity has been withheld, was brought to the government hospital following the paralytic attack.

"We brought her to Vadodara for better treatment on July 11. She was found COVID positive here and was admitted to the COVID ward," the husband told The Times Of India. She already suffers from multiple health complications.

Since it was an ICU and COVID ward, bystanders were not allowed near the patient. However, the husband was allowed to meet her once a day during visiting hours. It was then that he noticed ants were crawling out of the woman's mouth.

He immediately alerted the staff. When questioned, the hospital staff expressed regret over the incident but maintained it was a government hospital and they should be "willing to make adjustments."

According to the man, the hospital staff claimed that caring for the woman was not their job alone, and it was his responsibility too. However, relatives were not allowed inside the hospital premises since it was a COVID ward.

After the incident became known, the hospital superintendent has opened an inquiry into the incident. According to him, the staffer responsible for the negligence has been identified. "We have sought an explanation from them and will inquire into the matter," he said.

In another case of medical negligence, a woman in India died after a doctor allegedly left a piece of gauze inside her body during a cesarean section operation. Her husband alleged that the woman began experiencing pain in her abdomen after the surgery. A CT scan revealed a piece of gauze inside her uterus. Though the material was removed via surgery, her condition worsened. She died Thursday after days on life support.

Representational image. Pixabay