Antwon Rose
A man wears a sticker with a photo of Antwon Rose as he joins a protest for the police shooting of Rose during a Juneteenth celebration in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, June 23, 2018. Getty Images/Justin Merriman

The family of Antwon Rose Jr., the unarmed teen who was fatally shot in June by an East Pittsburgh police officer, has filed a lawsuit against the borough of East Liberty alleging wrongful death. The African-American teenager was shot three times by police officer Michael Rosfeld on June 19.

In the federal lawsuit, the family has also named Rosfeld, Mayor Louis Payne and Police Chief Lori Fruncek, alleging use of "excessive and deadly force" against the young boy. The lawsuit comes as Rosfeld already faces a criminal homicide charge in Rose's death.

The fatal shooting of Rose was captured on video, which went viral on Facebook, sparking protests from Pittsburgh residents.

Rosfeld was conducting a traffic stop of the vehicle Rose was riding in on the day of the fatal shooting. Rose was stopped as his vehicle matched the description of one used in a drive-by shooting that night.

According to Allegheny County District Attorney Stephen Zappala, Jr., Rose was seen on witness video showing his hands before fleeing but no weapon was found with him. In a criminal complaint filed in the case, detectives said Rose clearly had nothing in his hands when he was shot.

However, Rosfeld initially told investigators that Rose was armed. Detailing the events of the tragic night, the officer said that Rose "turned his hand toward" him and he "saw something dark that he perceived as a gun." But Rosfeld later changed his story.

"During that rendition, Rosfeld told the detectives that he did not see a gun when the passenger emerged and ran. When confronted with this inconsistency, Rosfeld stated he saw something in the passenger's hand but was not sure what it was," detectives wrote in the complaint. "In addition, Officer Rosfeld stated that he was not certain if the individual who had his arm pointed at him was still pointing at him when he fired the shots."