A few weeks have passed since Respawn Entertainment introduced the battle pass to “Apex Legends.” While many fans like the new content it brings, some parts of the battle pass actually discourage the player from fighting to maximize the rewards from the feature. Here’s what all the fuss over the battle pass is about.

According to rouvee’s thread on the “Apex Legends” Reddit, the new battle pass high experience points rewards requires players to survive rather than play to their heart’s content. The extra battle pass experience points are awarded to players that last longer in the fight. Fighting early and getting eliminated run the risk of getting rewarded less extra points, which makes leveling the battle pass slower.

While it technically means that it rewards players who do well until the latter parts of the match, some players can bypass this by avoiding battles and lasting until the final minutes of the match.

The current design of the battle pass points only rewards players who play passively and do not fight at all. While surviving matches has its own fun, the playstyle the battle pass encourages doesn’t sit well for fans as it discourages massive fights from happening.

Moreover, the another source of extra battle pass experience points is through character specific bonuses. Similar to the survival time bonus, players are also rewarded depending on the time they spend on each playable legend in “Apex Legends.” Each legend is given a pool of extra battle pass experience points which somehow encourages players to switch up characters to fill up the battle pass faster.

However, this system also discourages players from using the same character too much as using a legend with a full pool of experience makes it feel like they’re wasting time.

Earned bonus experience that goes over the limit doesn’t carry over to next week's "point reset." The reset happens when the maximum bonus experience points cap are increased each week, which allows players to return to playing their preferred characters again.

Apex Legends characters
The season one battle pass for "Apex Legends" has been revealed. Screenshot highlights three of the legends from "Apex Legends." Respawn Entertainment/EA

While all of these bonuses are optional, it feels mandatory as the battle pass requires around 29,800 points to level it up. These points aren’t easy to earn, and players only get up to 100-4,000 experience with each match.

As players also have other matters to attend to during the whole three months of the season, the battle pass feels like a grind to complete.

We’ve yet to hear from Respawn Entertainment if they’ll make any adjustments to the battle pass in “Apex Legends” soon.